Biking in Eastern Tibet

Chengdu to Lhasa Mountain Biking

The east of Tibet includes the regions of Kongpo and Kham. Geographically, politically and historically, these regions are a completely different world.

This special biking route offers magnificent views of lush forested valleys, crystal-clear lakes, rivers and vast barren plateaus. The isolated valley, with its scattered tribal villages and remote monasteries, gives you an incredible and unique glimpse of this Eastern part of Tibet.

Kham was the home of many holy men including the founders of the Drigungpa and Karmapa School. In 1070 many Buddhist faced persecution in central Tibet and fled to Kham. Here they set up influential monasteries. Later they returned to central Tibet and spearhead the so-called second diffusion of Buddhism in Tibet.

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Bangkok to Chengdu by flight O/N Hotel, 2660m 

Chengdu O/N Hotel, 2660m 

Drive to Kanding O/N Hotel, 318km, and 2660m 

Drive to Ganze O/N Hotel, 416km and 3100m 

Drive to Derge Enroute via Manigango O/N, Camp 215km and 3393m 

Drive to Jamda O/N Camp, 225km and 3800m 

Drive to Chamdo O/N Hotel, 237km and 3250m 

Explore O/N Camp, 3250m 

Start Biking to Gyalthang O/N Camp, 93km and 3460m 

Gyalthang to Pamda O/N Camp, 106km and 3344m 

Pamda to Pashu O/N Camp, 98km and 3400m 

Pashu to Before Rawu O/N Camp, 100km and 3400m  

Before Rawu to Sumzom O/N Camp, 90km and 3405m  

Sumzom to Kathar O/N Camp, 74km and 3405m  

Kathar to Lowlan O/N Camp, 80km and 3405m  

Lowlan to Nyintri County O/N Hotel, 112km and 3425m  

Drive to Bayi O/N Lake resort, 128km  

Drive to Basumtso O/N Lake resort, 3620m  

Explore around Island temple O/N Mandala Hotel, 3620m  

Drive to Lhasa O/N Mandala Hotel, 367km and 3650m  

Sightseeing O/N Hotel, 3650m 

Airport for departure.