Chang La valley nature Trail

Grade: Strenuous

Max altitude: 5300m

Days: 23

Entering from Simikot, (2910m) eastwards into Thehe and Dozam village, the trail follows the Chang river through the lush valleys of medicinal forest products and wild animals reaching the enigmatic view of Changla, (6900m) and the pristine lakes and peaks in the periphery. Finally, the trail winds touching the Limi valley and circulating back into Simikot through Kermi village.

This is a route used by ancient traders and caravan, and now by the herders. For tourists this is a new route to set your foot print. 

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Arrival - Hotel transfer, tour briefing 

A full day Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour 

Fly to Nepalgunj (200m)  

Fly to Simikot 

Trek Simikot to Gyagru (2250m) 

Trek Gyagru to Shambayok (Talla Shanu),  

Trek Shambayok to Dhyugling samba, (3460m) 

Trek Dhyugling samba to Gurukpa, (3930m) 

Trek Gurukpa to Rakarbu, (4250m) 

Trek Rakarbu to Changmathang, (4450m) 

Trek Changmathang to Chang La, (4900m)  

Trek Chang la to Nhewatang Phug, (4390m) 

Trek Nhewatung Phug to Tashi Lung, (4150m) 

Trek Tashi Lung to Phyajang Thang, (4575m) 

Trek Phyajang Thang to Larcha, (4650m)  

Trek Larcha to Risarba 

Trek Risarba to Tangin village  

Trek Tangin village to Simikot  

Fly Simikot to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu.