Lhasa - Mt. Kailash - Guge Kingdom Tour

As symbol of an ancient Kingdom, The Guge Kingdom became a focal point for the preservation of Buddhism in Tibet until the 17th century. After the assassination of anti Buddhist King Langdarma in 9th century, the Buddhism in Tibet was completely snuffed out for nearly 100 years. In 1040, a renowned Indian Pandit named Atisha arrived in Guge Kingdom. Atisha spent some time at Tolling Monastery where he created a resurgence of interest in Buddhism which eventually spread all over Tibet. Tsaparang and Tolling retained their importance within Western Tibet as political and religious center until the 17th Century. Today, more than 300 years later, the old city is a fairy tale castle of caves and passageways honeycombed in a tall ridge of ancient deposits. Their walls are a museum of superb mural art.

This place can be visited, combining with Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, via the northern route (Ali) or the southern route via Saga - Paryang and Manasarovar. 

Route: Lhasa - Mt. Kailash - Guge Kingdom and return to Kathmandu 

via Zhang-Mu

Mode of transport: Land Cruiser 

Maximum elevation: 5630 m.

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Fly Kathmandu to Lhasa and drive to Tsedang  

Sightseeing tour within Tsedang  

Drive to Lhasa on the way visit Samye  

Sightseeing tour within Lhasa  

Lhasa / Gyantse  

Gyantse / Shigatse  

Shigatse / Lhatse ---- Nepali staff: Kathmandu / Nyalam  

Lhatse / Saga ---- Nepali staff: Nyalam / Saga, meet with group 

Saga / Paryang 

Paryang / Manasarovar (Chiu Gompa) 

Chiu Gompa / Darchen  

Drive to Darboche and trek to Dera Phuk Gomba (4860 m.) 

Dera Phuk Gomba / Zutul Phuk (4750 m.) 

Finish trek and drive to Tirtha Puri  

TirthaPuri / Guge Kingdom 

Sightseeing around  

Guge Kingdom / Tirthapuri  

Tirthapuri / Gosul Gomba 

Gosul Gomba / Paryang 

Paryang / Saga 

Saga / Nyalam  

Nyalam / Zhangmu / Kathmandu