KC Computer Solutions

we take the hassle out of home computer repair. When your system goes down, it doesn't have to take your lifestyle with it! Why go through the inconvenience of unplugging it, driving to the shop and waiting for days, when for a comparable price you can have one of our home computer repair technicians come to your door, at a time that suits you. 

Third Pole

Still, Everest which is also known as the "third pole of the earth" along with the North Pole, remains as mystical as ever, holding eternal appeal

Fresch Free scholarship search

FreSch! The Free Scholarship Search and Information Service started out as a hobby or "personal vendetta" (depending upon your point of view) after I was scammed by a fee-based scholarship search four years ago. On top of being scammed, my own student loan experience was an absolute nightmare that continued for over 15 years until it was finally settled in March, 1999 - 11 years after paying OFF my student loan! If FreSch helps JUST ONE PERSON, all the work will have been MORE than worth it. Thanks to all of my visitors, friends, and family support, FreSch! has been successful beyond my wildest dreams, and is now a full-time business for me.

Travel Resources - Nepal

AdventureOne.info is a company operated by a group of experienced guides in Nepal, we have decades of experience in providing deluxe, standard and budget custom-designed travel all over the Himalayas. Our network of intimate contacts extends all across Himalayas.

Our focus is to take you to extraordinary adventures, spiritual journeys and exciting vacations in the Himalayan Region. We are expertise in Tours, Treks, Rafting and Mountain Biking in Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Mongolia and many more.

We are always happy to get back to you for more details, so let us know about your requirements and we will assist you at all the time.

Nepal Trekking

Trekking in Nepal is a different kind of outdoor feat than other forms of adventure like mountain climb; It is completely a new experience for lifetime and a wonderful way to relax from the stresses of everyday life.

Season: From mid September to May. Main seasons are Mid Sept to November and March to May.

We offer two styles of Trekking depending on your accessibility, camping trek and tea house trek.

Major Trekking Regions:

* Trekking in Annapurna region

* Trekking in Everest Region

* Trekking Langtang Region

* Trekking in far Karnali Region

* Other major Regions

OLMO LING - Bon Buddhist Studies

Nights are not old nor are the days, they come and they go yet the coming and going of day and night whispers into my ear to wake up so that you and I could dance with the miracle of each moment

in this journey of living life before we return.

World Hinduism ORG

Theworld first complete site to explore everything about Hinduism and the various aspects of this unique, oldest and universal religion known as Hinduism.


E Knot is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Get connected with E Knot. Find friends in your hometown or other parts of the world. Show off your photos. Listen to music you like

BBC Nepali

What makes BBC Nepali Service unique is its independence. BBC Nepali Service is run by Nepalese with extensive journalism experience

Changing History by How Kuff

Changing History develops in present day from a happenstance meeting of seven international travelers. Caught in a sudden snowstorm in the mountains of Tibet, they stumble upon a teahouse and seek shelter along with a journeying Buddhist monk and nun. During the night, the seven travelers tell tales of circumstances and events that drove them to question fundamental aspects of their lives. In modern-day Chaucerian style, each compelling personal dilemma reveals drama and circumstances transcending race and culture. A unique philosophy of human affairs unfolds as the protagonists struggle with war, religion, politics, economics and social cohesion.

They come to realize that their sagas of personal strife and conflict are interwoven in a web of relationships that span the globe and breach the metaphysical. As they grapple to make sense of their changed perceptions of humanity, an extraordinary event occurs that facilitates their departure with new purpose and direction.

Cycling Hall of fame

Cycling Hall of Fame.com is dedicated to preserving the history of cycling's greatest races and the riders who rode them.

Tibet Biking

Tibet’s sacred mountains and profound Buddhist culture have attracted travellers for centuries. This mysterious land, kept away from the world for so many years and still rarely visited, offers an unforgettable experience of an ancient culture and a unique race of people locked amidst a vast and beautiful landscape.

Tibet has to be the high point in any mountain bikers riding life. This remote and beautiful country lies hidden behind Mt. Everest and many more of the highest peaks in the world of the Great Himalayan range. To the North is the largest desert in the world, the Gobi / Talka Maka desert while to the East is China having kept the secrets of Tibet closed to all western exploration until the late 19th century.

Only few cyclists have ridden along its nhospitable plateau, at a breathless average altitude of more than 14000 feets. We are sure you’ll enjoy this unforgettable expedition.

* Biking in Eastern Tibet

* Biking in Kailash region

* Biking from Khasgar to Kathmandu via 

* Biking Lhasa to Kathmandu