Saipal Base Camp Nature Trail

Grade: moderate 

Duration: 18 days

Maximum elevation: 4500m

The trek starts from Simikot towards the Karnali river bank through Thakuri, and Bhotia settlements. Traditional village settings, indigenous crop fields and the rich age-old monasteries are some of the features of the trail that leads in to the majestic view of the Saipal Himal (7035m) that resembles a sleeping golden ox. The rich flora and fauna add to the grandeur of the mountain. 

Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 

Day 5 

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8 

Day 9 

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13 

Day 14 

Day 15 

Day 16

Day 17 

Day 18

Day 19 

Arrival Kathmandu - transfer hotel - tour briefing  

Sight seeing in Kathmandu 

Fly Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 

Fly Nepalgunj to Simikot 

Trek Simikot to Dharapori 

Trek Dharapori to Chhoila 

Chhoila to Palang Le [Thothory Pass 4500m] 

Palang Le to Kairang 

Kairang to Saipal Base camp 

Exploration of Base camp 

Saipal Base camp to Labuk Depsa 

Labuk Depsa to Chala village 

Chala Village to Yalbang 

Yalbang to Kermi 

Kermi to Majgaun 

DayMajgaun to Simikot 

Fly to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu 

Extra day in Kathmandu.