Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit

(Listed on Steve Razettiā€™s Top 10 treks in the world.)

Grade: Strenuous

Max altitude: 4950m

Duration: 20 days

This trek starts from Simikot which is situated at an elevation of 2910 meters and climbs up to Nara La pass (4530 meters) and make a loop back to Simikot via Limi valley through scenic Nyalu La (4950m). 

This tough but rewarding trek offers the opportunity to meet the friendly villagers of upper Humla. Visit the monasteries that are 400-1000 years oldand experience the unique culture of the past still in practice. Added to this is a scenery of pine-forested Karnali gorge and beautiful Saipal and Nalakankad mountain range. The area untouched by modern changes and believed to be the present form of mythical Shangri-la. 

Travelers have to fly Simikot via Nepalgunj, the regional hub of Western Nepal. 

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Day 2 

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Day 20

Arrival Kathmandu - transfer hotel - tour briefing  

At leisure in Kathmandu 

Transfer airport - Fly Nepalgunj - transfer hotel  

Transfer airport - fly Simikot (2910m) 

Trek Simikot to Dharapori (2300m) 

Dharapori to Salli Khola (2700m) 

Salli Khola to Muchu (2920m) 

Rest day with exploring the village 

Muchu to Yari village (4100m)  

DayYari village to Hilsa (3700m) 

Hilsa to Manipeme, (3900m) 

Manipeme to Til, (4100m) 

Til to Halji, (3600m) 

Halji to Sebuk, (3800m) 

Sebuk to Nyalu base camp (Dhemochhe), (4300m) 

Dhemochhe to Singjungma [2900m] 

Singjungma to Laga Dhinga (3250m) 

Laga Dhinga to Simikot (2950m) 

Fly Simikot to Nepalgunj & to Kathmandu