Simikot Rara Lake Trek

(Listed on Steve Razettiā€™s Top 10 treks in the world.)

Highest point: 4300m

Trail grade: Strenuous

Total duration: 

This trek follows through the Southern Humla with incredible views of foothills, hills, mountains, lush forests to arid lands. The trail leads along the Karnali River, the longest river of Nepal touching various village settlements of ethnicities like Khasas, Thakuris, Brahmins, Byansis and occupational castes. It ends at Rara Lake, the biggest lake in Nepal which lies in the Rara National Park. The area is a home for hundreds of species of trees, plants, birds and animals. This trek can also be done in reverse starting from Mugu or Jumla upwards. The alpine meadows and forests blended with the Khasa culture and village settings provide a unique experience of southern Humla where the Rara Lake adds spice making your trip memorable forever.  

There is no direct air service from Kathmandu to Simikot, so travelers generally have to fly Simikot via Nepalgunj, the regional hub of Western Nepal. Nepalgunj-Simikot flight operates early in the morning, so we must stay a night in Nepalgunj to catch early morning flight the next day.

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Arrival Kathmandu 

A full day sightseeing within the Kathmandu valley 

Fly to Nepalgunj, (200m)  

Fly to Simikot, (2950m) 

Simikot to Gagru, (2650m) 

Gagru to Gatya Khola, (2800m) 

Gatya Khola to Pangkha, (2800m)(Via Margo La pass, 4300m) 

Pangkha to Puma Lekh, (2800m)  

Puma Lekh to Melchham (2800m) 

Melchham to Darma, (2550m) 

Darma to Changkheli (3800m) 

Changkheli to Banwa (2500m) 

Banwa to Rara, (2980m)  

Explore Rara Lake 

Rara Lake to Talcha Airport, (2800m) 

Fly to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu.