Tibet Biking

Tibet’s sacred mountains and profound Buddhist culture have attracted travellers for centuries. This mysterious land, kept away from the world for so many years and still rarely visited, offers an unforgettable experience of an ancient culture and a unique race of people locked amidst a vast and beautiful landscape.

Tibet has to be the high point in any mountain bikers riding life. This remote and beautiful country lies hidden behind Mt. Everest and many more of the highest peaks in the world of the Great Himalayan range. To the North is the largest desert in the world, the Gobi / Talka Maka desert while to the East is China having kept the secrets of Tibet closed to all western exploration until the late 19th century.

Only few cyclists have ridden along its inhospitable plateau, at a breathless average altitude of more than 14000 feets. We are sure you’ll enjoy this unforgettable expedition.

   Biking in Eastern Tibet

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